Choosing Safe Pool Fencing for Adventurous Toddlers


As a recent viral video has shown there is a large difference between having pool fencing that meets local regulative restrictions and pool fencing that cannot be climbed by children. Inadequate pool fencing can lead to drowning and injuries in children under 5. Here are some tips to make sure that your pool fence is hard to scale by your children. Clear away any nearby trees or bushes Kids are very clever at using any nearby trees or bushes to get a foothold on the fence so it's important to keep any nearby shrubbery trimmed.

18 January 2017

Tips on how to winterize your above-ground swimming pool.


A swimming pool in your backyard is always viewed as a luxurious addition. Establishing a fitness routine or just lounging in the lazy afternoons are some of the options that come to mind as you imagine putting it to use. However, nobody really thinks about the winter when swimming is no longer an option. Before winter establishes itself, it's important to protect your swimming pool from damage due to freezing water and ensure it remains clean during its period of disuse.

31 August 2016

4 Fencing Options for Your Swimming Pool


If you install a swimming pool in your home, there are regulations that govern how you will protect the area to prevent accidents that could culminate in drowning, especially for younger children and pets. The type of fence that you choose isn't only important for compliance, it contributes to the curb appeal of your lot. Below are some of the options you have to choose from: 1. Glass fencing You can choose between framed and frameless glass fences.

8 July 2016

Tips to Selecting a Pump That Will Make Your Pool Energy Efficient


If you are embarking on pool renovations, then it would be a good idea to try to make your swimming pool energy efficient. This not only reduces your household's overall impact on the environment, but it also works toward decreasing your utility bills related to pool operations and maintenance. One of the ways that you can make your swimming pool energy efficient is by selecting the right pool pump. The following are some handy tips you could use in selecting a pump that will make your pool energy efficient.

22 June 2016

5 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Pool Clean


If you've had a pool for a while, you're no stranger to the usual maintenance tips – maintaining pH and water levels, daily skimming, vacuuming and changing filters, among others. You also know just how tedious it can get, especially if you live a windy area, which translates to more dirt and debris to clean up from your pool. However, these simple tips can help make your work a tad easier, and reduce your pool-cleaning budget a little.

14 June 2016

3 Ideal Tile Materials For Constructing An In-Ground Pool


If you decide to work with pool builders for your home's swimming pool construction, then you have several choices to make –– from the pool design and size to the tiles you want to install inside your pool. Pool tiles can produce a complementary effect to the rest of your home, while offering you the flexibility to choose the type and style you desire. This guide offers you different tile materials to choose from when constructing in-ground pools.

8 June 2016

Finding a pool that works for everyone


If you are looking for a pool that works for everyone, then you need to think about which aspects of the pool are most important to different age groups.  For kids In addition to compulsory pool fencing, when designing a pool that kids will use you need to think about how they will play or swim in the pool, especially if they are still relatively young and can't swim yet. 

31 May 2016